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Philosophy and Worldview   -  our diverse universe, our unified universe

     Our universe harbours nothing 'alien' to its own existence.

     Humanity  -  as a global population and as forbear of future ones  -  is on the threshold of maturing into the height and fullness of just what this strange but elegant remark means.  We are in fact in the midst of transforming our entire way of "doing life" because of scientific and spiritual recognitions that are continually being illuminated around us.   The Integrity Paradigm hopes to be one of the lamps, guiding our way, as the enlightenment unfolds.

    The ultimate mystery of Why there is "existence" is not dealt with in any Integrity or Ceptual philosophy writings, nor do I try.  No claims are made to articles of Faith - which reside within each person as deeply as they do in myself. 

   But we are beings who are not limited in our experiences of wonderment about being, nor our sense of Always.   The Integrity Paradigm grew from one mind's perceptions, drawn and seen through the discoveries, understandings and acts of all it's companion minds - past and present - and all the dynamics and systems it shares existence with.  As a window and as a comprehension that material existence is more importantly relations, energies, and essence rather than the typically stressed qualities of material form, the Integrity Paradigm explores processes and the meaning of processes, it examines all ways and methods of communication, and it eventually makes a singular thesis about how every act, every qualia of existence, portrays both actuality and possibility.  

The Universe is sentient and whole at every level, in every act.

    It thrives on meaning and on understanding.  It values purpose and it perpetually struggles to become.   In its parts and in its wholeness - connections and consciousness of many kinds and many sorts pervade the thoroughness of its Being.  No aspect of the universe is ever alien to any other aspect.  Ever.

    I will not explore or try to explain the miracles of life and living with you.  But I will share with you the details and the panorama that the plainest parts of creation are imbued with the qualities found in all the rest of it - and that by examining even the humblest aspects, we see and bind with the connectedness and the miraculous in all of it. 

                   It is good science.   It is good spiritual enlightenment.    It is good humanity.

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Where we are, what we are

The universe is a place of extraordinarily wondrous behaviors starting from the extremely subtle dynamics of fundamental forces.   It develops on through the chemistry of atoms and molecules, into the metabolisms of biological organisms, the interactions of species, the activities of social, communal and economic-political organizations - and even phenomenal events on the cosmic scale. 

Everything that you can conceive of, from the massive energies of galactic structures, to the evanescent fragility of an infant's breath, are all companion presences, and are connected with each other in the most sublimely fundamental and intricate ways you can imagine.

The Integrity Paradigm binds all these things together into a perspective that is unquestionably new and yet conceptually comfortable and familiar.   It takes all that we currently know of the world we are part of and re-assembles prior understandings in a substantially and substantively new way.  It melds topics that were thought to have no connection what so ever and shows that they are all representatives of simple singular principles, which, when blended in all the incredible and mutually supportive assemblies of being and potential, blossom into the vast and awe inspiring beauty that is the universe - an entity complex and vibrant on every scale of being.

Re-exploring your own being

You are about to participate in a brand new exploration of your own existence.     The landscape is nothing but undeniably familiar and still exhilaratingly fresh at the same instant.   Ideas that you used to appreciate with absolute surety, intuitions that a from the very fibre of your being, will take on new meaning.  From here on out the universe loses any anxious inferences - it is no longer some vast unknown darkness to be hesitatingly and tentatively approached simply because it could harbor unknown dangers.  From here on out the universe is affirmed as haven and home, abundant in wonders and possibilities.

Our universe is a place where creation is here, now, all about us, not some moment in space and time that happened in the far dim past of cosmic history.  We are not merely products of a singular creative act.  We are presences participating in its ongoing continuous unfolding -- where creation is a forever process discovering and experiencing itself - perpetually, continually, increasingly.  "Infinite" - to slightly re-phrase Freeman Dyson - "in all dimensions":    physically, relationally, and most important ... transcendently.

The Integrity Paradigm

The Integrity Paradigm focuses on the shared similarities of existence,  formally noted in the basics of mathematics and philosophy.  But much more  -  even as it sometimes uses the language and notions of science - it does something important:   it places those dynamics in real situations, and makes the ideas meaningful to our everyday lives and to every strata of organization and organism of the universe.    Admittedly, this may seem an arrogant and ambitious scope, but it is not attempted without thoughtful consideration.

The universe we are part and parcel of is a continuous, coherent, consistent, and compatible Extancy. Vibrantly thriving at every turn.  To repeat the crucial notion:  it harbors no aspect that is "alien" to its self.   All of its aspects co-exist together.  So, it is neither naive nor grandiose to anticipate that it can understand itself.   How is that?   By what we do, that is how.   We - human beings - are one special part of this universe which can reflect on the rest of it - the rest of our companion processes/parts.

We are the universe .. exploring itself.
As we look out, so we see within . . . as we look inward, so we . . 'find out'.

A technique of fundamentals

To grasp and appreciate the importance of the Integrity Paradigm, a few essential papers will take the time to re-evaluate many scientific concepts that are currently assumed to be fundamental, confirmed, resolved and well understood, but, in ceptual thinking, may still be open to better interpretation.  If you don't read those passages, don't worry.   They are presented for verity sake, to show specific new links among facets of existence.    The general readings will make perfect sense to you regardless.   

     . . . quick treatments of those fundamentals  . . .

One idea is the everyday notion of "equals sign",  = .    What if it really means that some quality remains unchanged even if we describe it differently?   Even if the equation 'x=y' allows x and y to be different 'information', another 'intrinsic information' measure remains intact and immutable.  This may seem inconsequential, but ceptually considered, it's very important

Another notion is the Plato/Gödel idea of "bounded identity"... the sense that a thing has a complete and independent essence ... separate from the rest of the universe.   Ceptual thinking appreciates how that view could be, but goes a step further.  It finds better credibility in Martin Buber's notion of "I-Thou".  Instead of some thing being what it 'is', independent of the world, the more important quality of Existence and Being is that environment and universe contribute to identity and activity, defining and enabling the realization of what a life or entity is capable of being.  

A third consideration is the related notion of 'information'.  It is more than some zillion jots of 'data'.    Relationships, timings, translations, significance, etc., all supply additional and different informative meaning to the 'thingness' of something.  Awareness and memory are more than cubby-holed storings of bits, bytes, books, materials or wealth.    And energy and information are constantly being sensed, transformed, coded, accessed, experienced, imaged, and expressed in absolutely amazing ways. 

And lastly, but most important, 'entropy',  the underestimated sibling of the four fundamental forces, is re-considered.  Since first being recognized and defined some 300 years ago it has been treated as a single mono-framed phenomenon.  Ceptually, the more accurate view is that many entropies exist -- simultaneously and blended -- with plural bounds and plural frames of reference.  Entropy turns out to be, in its most general form, a quality of differential differences, more primal than anything else, more essential and formative than the so-called four 'fundamental' forces, and is present as the motivational  and causal driver of everything we experience and know.

So what?

So what does this all have to do with us and our lives?   Well, it has to do with the notion that the Idea which brought all of the universe into existence most sublimely accomplished it by inextricably tying all activities together, so perfectly and so intimately that the same qualities of existence that are present in the simplest are necessarily present in the most complex or transcendent existences of anything and everything, also.

To place this in human terms, consider :  a person is many things ~ parent, child, mate, explainer, learner, metabolic organism, spiritual essence, thinker, accomplisher, decider, planner, bridge, consumer, creator and so much more, all at the same time.  Every quality and each relationship unique - and yet companionly integrated with every one of the others.  Each is an identity, each is a gestalt with its own dynamics, tendencies and patterns.  Each valid.  Each distinct.  Each real.  Each separate.  All together.  Though describable in vernacular and even scientific ways, each relationship and activity is inextricably connected and woven with all the others.  Each set of concerns, exploring and impacting alternate simultaneous concerns and potentials, where the mingling of all the diversities and abilities is what combines to make us 'human' - fully, completely - in the most intense, truest and wonderful sense.

The Ceptual Institute readings and mindways you will encounter will give you visceral and conceptual understanding for how extensive, natural and integrated Integrity behaviors are throughout the universe.  Science, Art, Folk Wisdom, Chemistry and Religions.  Galactic Infinities, Geology, Biology and Gaia.  Family.   We are fortunate participants in this most marvelous of occurrences - Universe.  We are fellow travelers with every mote of creation, every process of organization, every thought and spiritual aspiration.  The universe is a spectrum of Being, exquisite in all its aspects.

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